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General Contractor & Trading

PT Trikarya Inti Hutama (Tritama) offer its service in construction work consist of civil engineering, general building and infrastucture – destined to anticipate the larger increasing demand in building and infrastucture industries, due to the leaps and bound in Indonesia economy.

Founded by several enthuastic young professional, Tritama provide the good quality of infrastucture and workmanship in our project. We pride ourselves on the knowledge,skill and expertise of our employees who work together as a team delivering succesfull projects.

Tritama want to be the leading and best construction company nationally and always innovate with the latest construction technology by prioritizing safety and green construction

Let's work together to create sustainable and innovative construction solutions


Our Services

General Construction

We provide construction for residential and commercial building, as well as building renovations and maintenance.

Infrastructure Construction

In addition to building construction, we also carry out infrastructure construction such as roads, drainage system and boulevard.

Cost Estimation

We provide accurate cost estimates for projects through a comprehensive understanding of our client's goals.

Our Projects

Tritama specializes in providing high-quality and reliable services to clients looking to bring their construction projects to life.


Royal Botanica Residence


Pandawa Regency




Citra Sirkuit Residence 1


Citra Sirkuit Residence 2


Citra City Sentul

Pekerjaan Aspal Gereja PT JMT

Revitalisasi Danau Archipelago – TMII


Citra Sirkuit Residence 3


PT Gema Graha Sarana TBK


PT Gema Graha Sarana TBK 2


Project 1

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